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PowerApps Development

We will build applications for desktop, mobile, and tablets to capture key business processes and to help you get away from paper forms, processes that you continually have to re-generate and duplicate and create a series of mini-applications that make your business more efficiency and effective.

We work primarily in the Microsoft stack, which is available at a relatively low cost for any O365 subscribed company. If you are a Microsoft 365-based business, your license costs are likely to be very low. This also allows us to build projects on a flat-fee basis wherever possible, which means no surprise fees for you.

PowerApps development enables your organization to streamline key business processes and transition away from outdated paper-based systems.

Our expert team will design and build customized applications for desktop, mobile, and tablets, tailored to your specific needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly regenerating and duplicating paper forms.

With our PowerApps solutions, you’ll experience a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. We’ll transform your complex workflows into a series of intuitive and user-friendly mini-applications that optimize productivity, reduce errors, and enhance collaboration.

Embrace the power of digital transformation with Evolved Metrics and unlock the full potential of your business processes with our cutting-edge PowerApps development services.

PowerApps/BI projects we've completed:

Business consolidation dashboard and reporting using PowerBI and PowerAutomate
  • Consolidates CRM, Quickbooks, Marketing, and Operations (capacity planning, scheduling, WIP) all into one interactive dashboard
Travel booking system
  • PowerApps and PowerAutomate tool that enables users to book travel requests for business approval and then automated request to their booking agents
  •  Users, either on mobile or desktop, request the travel. Reviewers, also on moile or desktop, approve, request explanations or deny the requests.
PowerBI dashboard and reports to consolidate field data, accounting data, and operations records for a consolidated oil and gas services company
  • Detailed analytics on customers, profitability and individual trucks and field technicians to identify revenue leaks, etc.
  • Details DSO analysis for all 6 company accounting entities
Field data capture solution for Enmax field technicians
  • A mobile-focused app for field technicians to input their planned work and identify any issues
  • Scheduling automatically updated and send to project managers for continuous updates
Project management suite for Enmax that allows for detailed project planning (schedule, budget, resourcing, approvals, etc.) with automation
  • A user has an idea for a project, uses the app to get initial approval for it, app assigns resources and tracks their commitment levels
  • Project schedule and costs continuously updated via integrations with internal datawarehouse

Digital transformation clears the way for massive growth for small & medium businesses.


Save time, money, and manpower on your processes. Digital transformation means fewer email chains, easy methods of sharing and updating information, high-level reporting and data-gathering, and clear lines of communication.


We have PowerApps, BI & and automation experts to transform your current processes into digital ones. We help uncover the gaps and bottlenecks that bog you down, determine how to better retain and use your data, and better archive your documents.



Our goal is to create systems and processes that ensure your data can be trended, compared, reported, and analyzed holistically rather than just being signed off and disappearing, never to be useful again. This allows your teams to work in sync without miscommunication or lack of information.


PowerApps development enables your organization to streamline key business processes and transition away from outdated paper-based systems. Our expert team will design and build customized applications for desktop, mobile, and tablets, tailored to your specific needs. Contact us.  


Gain a comprehensive understanding of their core processes and providing actionable recommendations for improvement. Our expert consultants will meticulously analyze and capture the intricacies of your sales, operations, data, and human processes to help your firm grow. Learn more.


Our expert consultants will work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and design customized analytics and reporting frameworks. We’ll transform raw data into visually compelling and actionable reports, tailored specifically to connect with your business objectives. Learn more.


With our expertise in process automation and improvement, you can unlock the full potential of your team, increase operational agility, and achieve sustainable growth  to streamline your processes and empower your team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive success. Learn more.

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