About Us


We are the go-to CRM for small and medium businesses who are seeking both sophistication and simplicity as they develop better customer relationships and win more opportunities.


We are a team of force multipliers and change-makers. We solve problems and get things done. We believe in both human and artificial intelligence.


We work with you and your team to make your business run cleaner, smarter, and better than before.


To bring value to you through accountable high-end consulting and technology services – without the big bills, cost overruns, and wasting of time.

We spent years in the corporate world running multi-million dollar businesses for other people.

Now we use what we’ve learned to help small businesses beat the big players in their markets and grow to scale.

Andrew Varsanyi

Andrew Varsanyi is co-founder at Evolved Metrics. With more than a decade in business and nearly as many years in academia, Andrew brings a data-driven mindset to Evolved Metric’s process analysis and CRM business.

Andrew’s passion is demonstrating how to use data to make better business decisions. Sales is often a highly subjective space where conclusions are drawn and decisions are made based on gut. Andrew’s goal is to help businesses actualize the data they already have through technology and process. His goal is to help clients make better and more informed decisions. Better, more informed decisions aren’t always the easiest or most obvious ones. Andrew supports his clients through this process to help them achieve outcomes even better than they expected.”

Chris Massie

Chris Massie is co-founder at Evolved Metrics. His background in recruitment and human resources offers a unique combination of skills in relationship building, culture, and technology.

As Evolved Metrics’ very first user, Chris has used the platform to manage opportunities and current accounts for his consulting company. His ongoing relationship with our users allows us to continually evolve our interface, features, and training based on what our clients want and need to be excellent at their jobs. Chris’s passions are in strategy, project management, and bringing people together to make great ideas into reality. For Chris, people come first and technology exists to support them. That which gets measured, gets managed.



We work for you. We respond to your growing needs with innovative solutions & love finding new ways to help you reach your goals. This means we are responsive to your needs and care deeply about the impact of our work.



A rising tide lifts all boats. Everyone on our team brings strong skills and craftsmanship to what they do, and everyone’s voice matters. We respond to your evolving needs with innovative, bespoke solutions.



Our ultimate goal is to create “a-ha” moments. When you understand the trends presented by your sales data and create more efficient processes as a result, your business grows. The purpose of everything we design is to make your job as easy, clear, and informed as possible so you can do the things you do better.


When “gut feeling” drives your strategic business decisions, the result is limited success and wasted resources. Evolved Metrics offers informed methods of collecting and analyzing data.  Learn where there are successes, gaps, and trends in your processes that can be addressed in the spirit of growth, transparency, and trying new strategies.



Big companies have access to expensive consultants and tools. We are a small business that helps small businesses. We don’t aspire to be big. We aspire to be great.



At the core of any opportunity is the relationship. Our work is designed to help you enhance, rather than quantify, your relationship with your customers and staff. When you focus on building and maintaining strong relationships, your company becomes the go-to place to work and do business.

A Made In Alberta Story

Evolved Metrics was proudly born and raised in Alberta. In 2021 we were awarded by Platform Calgary and Alberta Innovates for our simple CRM design and clear vision in an otherwise complex, saturated industry. Thank you to these organizations for helping us expand the horizons of our success in Alberta and beyond.