Evolved Metrics Inc. [Evolved Metrics] has been awarded the highly sought-after Technology Accelerator Grant from Alberta Innovates.

“This proves the innovation propelling our product forward in the market is exactly what is needed. We are disruptors. Too many of the CRM (customers relationship management) tools widely accepted by the market are complex, onerous and not inherently user friendly,” said co-founder Chris Massie. “SMEs cannot thrive in today’s competitive environment without simple, yet highly effective, tools to win and keep customers and clients.”

Evolved Metrics is gaining the attention of and accolades from businesses of all sizes, as businesses are demanding sleek, modern and agile solutions to the complex task of managing business-to-business (B2B) relationships, including sales tracking and productivity.

“Evolved Metrics is incredibly grateful for the support of Alberta Innovates and the Alberta government in its pursuit of a simpler and more effective small business CRM product,” said co-founder Andrew Varsanyi. “We are confident this is going to be the tool that so many SMEs have been waiting for so they can stop micro-managing their current CRMs and instead focus on amplifying their productivity in 2022/23.”

Evolved Metrics CRM has seen significant growth in recent months as word has spread of its innovative and simple sales enablement.

Governments are investing as much as $35 million for the overall accelerator program in Alberta. This includes funding from the Alberta Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation to Alberta Innovates to lead and manage the overall Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program.

“This level of accelerator scaleup and growth has never before been undertaken in Alberta with this quality and scope of global programming,” says Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates. “It’s a momentous opportunity for entrepreneurs. In addition to helping Alberta-based tech companies scale and grow faster, we are highlighting Alberta’s capability to the world, attracting international firms and investment, and creating a global mindset in our provincial ecosystem.”

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Evolved Metrics is a service and software company determined to make the lives of small-to-medium-sized businesses and their employees easier, more efficient, and more effective. Its CRM product, Evolved Metrics CRM, is a new and innovative software product designed to simplify the often-complex work of sales process tracking. The system is designed to enable any CRM function such as activity tracking, sales process reporting, and many others to be completed in three clicks or less.

Chris Massie’s background in recruitment and human resources offers a unique combination of skills in relationship building, culture, and user experience. Andrew Varsanyi’s background in research, academia, and energy software brings a data-driven mindset to Evolved Metrics’ CRM functionality, reporting features, and core purpose. Their passion is in demonstrating how to use the right tools and the right data to make better business decisions and grow companies.

Chris Massie
Co-Founder, Evolved Metrics
[email protected]

Dwayne Brunner
Senior Manager, Media & Strategic Community Relations
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