How would the technology industry use business intelligence

How Would The Technology Industry Use Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence, or BI as it is also referred to, is a software and approach that can be adjusted to benefit companies in many different sectors. It collects and analyzes data so that business leaders can make smart and informed decisions.

It is important in business that companies are able to identify competitive advantages, and BI can assist in this strategic search.

One such industry that can greatly benefit from business intelligence is that of the technology industry also referred to the IT Industry.

Read on to learn more about business intelligence and its role and valuable insights within the technology industry. 

What Is Business Intelligence? 

Business intelligence, or BI, as it is often shortened to, is a method or software that combines different operations to help businesses make informed and strategic decisions. Some of the operations that are included under the umbrella of business intelligence are data mining, data visualization, data tools, and business analytics. The great thing about business intelligence is that it organizes all of the data that is collected, and then turns the data into more palatable, smaller pieces that can be easily used to draw conclusions about the company. It can help teams to make decisions that keep them competitive in their industry, and that are the next step to growth and expansion as well. 

Business Intelligence Features In Tech

If you are in the tech industry, you may wonder what features of business intelligence can be helpful for your technology company. There are a few different features of BI software solutions that can be beneficial in the tech industry, which we will discuss below. 


The first of the features of BI that can be useful in tech is integration. When business intelligence is able to integrate with existing data architecture, it is able to easily pull out data sets when you have questions that need to be answered and analysis to make. Prior to implementing a business intelligence system, tech companies likely had data, resources, and other information stored in databases. It is important that the new BI software is able to access all of this in order to give a clear picture of the business and the factors you are looking to analyze– such as performance metrics, for instance.


Security is another crucial feature for BI in the technology sector. Of course, this is not just important for the technology industry– data security is crucial for companies in any sector or industry. Business intelligence allows companies strict control over their data. For example, they have the ability to grant access permissions to some employees and teams and not to others, depending upon the activities these people perform. Data security systems can, of course, also help to protect businesses against cyberattacks coming from either internal or external sources, regardless of location. 


Another important feature of BI is scalability. In fact, this is one of the features that is most requested by companies in the technology industry. The term scalability refers to the property of a system to increase its work capacity without having an adverse effect on its performance. This could be shown by the system being able to increase its number of users, requests, or other such factors. Even if there are a large number of users accessing data and using the software at the same time, if it is a truly scalable system, then it will not be affected by the amount of users. 

Data Accessibility

Last, but not least, is data accessibility. Since business intelligence helps us to access and analyze the large amounts of data that we are collecting every day, the more accessible BI makes this data, the better! After all, this is its primary function. Companies in the technology space often have large departments and many different teams, so it is incredibly important to be sure that BI is making it easy to access data across all teams or departments within a company. With incomplete data, the software would not be able to give you a full picture of the company. 

Business Intelligence Applications In Tech

How can business intelligence be used in the technology industry? There are a few main applications for BI in tech– we will go over these in more detail below. 


A telecommunication environment relies very heavily on business intelligence. This is because, in telecommunication, there are very high amounts of data that are constantly being handled and passed around. BI can help to keep this data organized and then manageable if the company wants to begin running analytics. Telecommunication companies need to be striving to do better and improve, always, because they need to be sure that they are improving customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Internet connectivity is something that is typically requested within the telecommunication industry. As internet advancements were made recently– think 4G and 5G– the number of users has also increased, which means there is more data to analyze and interpret in terms of decision making. BI can help telecommunications businesses to focus on anticipating user needs and creating new strategies for customer retention, among other things!


Television is another tech industry where business intelligence can be used to improve the experience. There is so much data involved in the television industry, especially when you consider streaming platforms– these platforms are able to utilize data to personalize the experience for each customer, taking their preferences into account to suggest other shows and movies for them to watch. And this is just one of the many things that this data is used to do! 

BI can also be used to find out the ratings that users give to programs, the time that they have spent on watching them, and consumption trends. This just further reiterates the example given above. This can not only be used to suggest existing shows to users, but to predict what type of content is most popular and should be developed for future releases on the streaming platform, in order to keep customers satisfied. 

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 also makes great use of business intelligence. They take a look at and then analyze diverse information so that they can make better and informed decisions in the corporate scope. Business intelligence can help in this industry to increase the quality standards of production. BI makes it easy to detect potential issues and detect them early, before they become problems. 

If a business in the industry 4.0 sector uses BI tools to look at factors such as temperature and use cycles, for example– among other variables– defects in the product can be detected. Industry 4.0 uses business intelligence to create even more competitiveness within this industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is used in business intelligence?

Business intelligence is an umbrella term, which refers to the collection and analysis of data to make smart business decisions. It implements different IT solutions in order to achieve this goal. Depending upon the business intelligence tools, this can include hardware and physical sensors, but also different software platforms and cloud computing. There are many functions included in a BI software, such as data querying and data warehouses for storage.

How is business intelligence used in the tech industry?

In the tech industry, business intelligence (or BI) can be very useful in a few different capacities. BI helps to enable the fast and accurate access to multiple data sources and to reporting as well. Therefore, for tech companies, it makes it easier for them to work with the information that is pulled from their many departments. The information and conclusions that are determined by business intelligence tools can be used to help tech companies decide what to do to stay competitive within their industry. 

What industries benefit from business intelligence?

Truthfully, business intelligence can benefit any industry! This is because it is simply a way to collect and analyze data– no matter what the data is. This data is then broken down into bite sized pieces that are easier to digest and to learn from. Business intelligence is helpful to businesses because it helps them make smarter decisions and to stay competitive within their field so that they can grow, expand, and succeed. Some of the top industries that can benefit from business intelligence software are the food and beverage industry, the travel and transport industry, the hospitality industry, and the retail industry.

What is the connection of business intelligence technology to information technology?

Business intelligence, or BI, as it is shortened to, is known as the process of storing data, and then accessing it, analyzing it, and visualizing it so that a company can go on to make better business decisions. Information technology, or IT, has a similar function. It helps to make it possible for leaders and team members to access information then come up with strong business strategies. Both BI and IT are initiatives that deal with the management of information and of data– this data and information is crucial to understanding a company’s operations and success.