One of the main reasons we started Evolved Metrics was to bring the high-level consulting services that large enterprises take advantage of to small- and medium-sized businesses at affordable prices. Chris and I have both worked for organizations of various sizes and we saw a disconnect between the resources available to small businesses as compared to their larger cousins.

After all, small companies can still have big business processes.

There are small companies that have very sophisticated and complex business processes. For example, smaller oilfield services companies in our hometown of Calgary that have highly complex business processes and procedures, but don’t have access to big-box consulting teams to come in, review their processes, and set up all kinds of automation. Evolved Metrics is for them.

There are up-and-coming technology companies in Calgary too. They are smaller now, but they are growing. And they shouldn’t have to pay a team of consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars to find and develop the best talent. Evolved Metrics is for them too.

Smaller companies aren’t necessarily less complicated than big ones. Sure they may do less volume and have fewer clients or be confined to one city. But their work isn’t easier and less in need of automation and process improvement.

One of our clients recently asked us for help automating their sales and accounting reporting processes. They’re a service company of about twenty people with approximately fifty clients. They have a simple business process and more complicated delivery and invoicing procedures.

We built automations, integrations, and reports connecting their CRM with their accounting software and document control systems to give them a clearer consolidated picture of their business, clients, and revenues. They now have a report in Power BI that they can look at every day that — in real-time — shows them what sales quotes they have in play, how long a client is taking to pay them, and what their profitability is by individual job.

This type of technology shouldn’t be out of reach for smaller companies. Evolved Metrics exists to serve small to medium-sized businesses like that customer. In less than two months, we built these integrations and reports for them and it’s transforming how they do business.

There’s no reason smaller companies can’t have first-class business process automation and reporting. That’s who we’re targeting. Because that’s where we can make a difference. Evolved Metrics is for them.