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CRM For Travel Agents

CRM software is a valuable tool that can be put to use by individuals or businesses in many different industries. One such industry is the travel industry! Travel agents can use CRMs for applications such as analytics, lead generation, automation, and more. Read on to learn more about how a CRM can make a difference in your day-to-day as a professional in the travel or tourism industry. 

Benefits of a CRM For Travel Agents

First things first, what is a CRM exactly? CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is software that can be used to store data in one central location— this central location can also become the hub for important tasks that keep your business running. These include automation and analytics, for instance. Below, we will go into these features in greater detail!

Save Time

One of the huge benefits of CRM software is that it is a huge time saver! This is one of the overarching benefits of this software as a business tool. Many of the features that a CRM offers directly contribute to its time-saving capabilities. For instance, automation is one of the ways that you can save time in your business. There are plenty of tasks that do not need a human touch, such as scheduling phone appointments or sending over boilerplate contracts. You can automate these with the help of your CRM and then utilize that extra time that you get back for more important tasks that do require more of human touch. 

Increase Efficiency 

Like saving time, increasing efficiency is another benefit that a CRM can bring to the team. These two benefits are also closely related. CRMs typically respond quickly to all client inquiries, and that is one of their primary purposes.

In the travel industry, where clients can find plenty of other competing offers, this speed and efficiency is even more important than ever. These days, if they do not receive an almost instantaneous response, many clients will take their business elsewhere.

Since all information and data is stored centrally in the CRM, the software also helps efficiency by streamlining customer support. 

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Optimize to Build Business Strategy

In the tourism industry, your ability to compete will, naturally, depend on our business strategies. This industry has its high seasons and low seasons, as you surely know well. Thus, you need to be able to get an overview so that you can identify the strategies that are going to make the most of an impact on your business.

Luckily, a CRM is able to run analytics and organize your data to give you the clear overview that you need. Then, from there, you are able to take a look to build strategies that will work for you and convert to sales. 

Integrate With Other Software

If you do not yet have a CRM, it’s likely that you are using some sort of software– or more than one software application!– to help run your business. That may also be what is holding you back from making the leap and getting a CRM for your team. Luckily, CRM software can actually integrate with most existing programs or software that you are using. That way, all of the information you already have stored in these can be accessed by your CRM. Additionally, you can create documents or complete other tasks in other software, and then access it through your CRM when it is needed. This is a great example of your CRM acting as your business’s central hub or touchpoint for information. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Of course, in any business, you need to keep your customers happy! After all, without customers, you don’t have much of a business. A CRM is designed to increase your customer satisfaction rate, and in turn, increase your customer relationships. That’s why CRM stands for customer relationship management.

A CRM can help you to familiarize yourself with your customers and their needs so that you can provide suitable solutions. It can also help you to provide better service by increasing your efficiency and accuracy, which gets them answers to their questions quicker, for instance.

The software will store their details, histories, and preferences so that the service you provide is more personalized. 

Overhaul Your Client Experience

One of the big draws of a CRM is the ability to closely track your customer relationships and your clients’ journeys through the sales funnel. Another feature that has to do with the client experience is the overhaul of the client experience– you can model your client experience off of your CRM database.

Artificial and Business Intelligence enter here and help to reassess and then customize your business strategies. This can help you to stand out among the competition by offering services and packages that align well with emerging market trends.

A CRM can help you to come up with angles that you may not have thought of on your own. 

Expand Your Business

Last, but certainly not least, a CRM can help you to expand your tourism business! You will be able to increase your efficiency in many areas, which in turn gives you more bandwidth to help more clients and therefore expand.

All of this centrally stored data can also help to optimize your business and marketing strategies, which will assist in reaching more leads.

Evolved Metrics CRM

Now that you know more about what a CRM can do for you, you may be wondering what CRM is the best fit for you as a travel agent. After all, there are tons of options out there for CRM software, which could seem overwhelming! However, just because it is a CRM does not mean that it will be a good fit for what you need it to do— there are many different software types that offer different features. Evolved Metrics is a CRM that can be a great fit for travel agents.

Evolved Metrics is customizable and offers many different features as well. Some of the features that you can expect are project management– which you can use to manage travel itineraries or more external projects such as marketing efforts– and analytics.

You can automate certain parts of your business with the help of this CRM, too, which can save your travel agents time and energy that is otherwise spent on tedious tasks. There is also a free demo so that you can evaluate the software and see all of the ways it can help you before you buy– so that you are confident in your choice!

Everything you need to do in 3-clicks or less

Whether you are ready to transition your sales accounts and processes from spreadsheets, or you’ve tried other CRMs that weren’t a good fit, we offer a simple, intuitive interface, meaningful metrics, and the ability for each of your users to customize their workspace to fit their priorities.

Evolved Metrics CRM is designed to help you spend more time growing your relationships and winning more opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a travel CRM?

CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management. It refers to a software application that allows teams to streamline the sales process and the customer experience through one platform. It also stores client information and other data.

In fact, CRMs can be used for and tailored to a number of different industries! When it comes to the travel industry, a CRM can help to guide potential clients through the sales process and give them access to important, relevant information.

It can also manage different parts of a travel tour and help in different areas such as customer service and marketing to increase the reach of a travel agent or company.

Why is CRM important in the travel agency?

There are many reasons that a CRM is important for those in the travel industry. One of these reasons is that it can help to generate and automate reports to assess things such as your reach, conversion from leads, and performance of confirmed transactions.

You can then learn from these and make strategic improvements and changes. They can also help to save time during the day-to-day and can keep you more organized! 

What system do travel agents use?

There are many great CRM options out there for those in the travel industry! One system that is well suited for travel agents is Evolved Metrics. Evolved Metrics is a customizable CRM software with a simple interface– so it is easy to use in your day-to-day, and you won’t be wasting time trying to figure out all of its features! For larger travel agencies, each user is also able to customize their Evolved Metrics workspace to best fit their own needs and support their own productivity. 

Why do travel agencies need a tailored CRM system for their business?

CRM software can be beneficial to a travel agency for many different reasons, including better organizational skills, which will save time because all information and data is stored in one central location.

This type of software makes it easy to run metrics or analytics, too, which can inform business decisions in many areas, from the approach you will take with marketing to how best to communicate with your clients or potential leads.

Certain tasks can be automated, which gives your travel agents back more of their valuable time, which could be used for tasks that require a human touch– such as in-person outreach or phone calls with airlines, vendors, or clients!