CRM Productivity and 2 simple tricks to jump-start your sales practices

What is productivity? It seems like just about every time you open your web browser these days, there’s some kind of article telling us how to get more productive. Sleep more, task batch, inbox zero (or not), automation; it’s a near-constant stream of suggestions that you aren’t doing enough work and that you should be doing more.

But for salespeople, what is productivity? I used to think it was making the coldest of cold calls or sending the most e-mail intros or getting the most meetings. It’s actually more than that. Certainly, those things are really important, one might even say they are how we measure success in many of our sales teammates. Yet, isn’t sales productivity really about adding revenues? Isn’t efficiency in sales really best measured in how a salesperson has delivered on what she or he has promised and how well they’ve built trust with prospective clients?

That’s what we thought about when we created Evolved Metrics CRM.

In short, our goal with the software was to create the first CRM for salespeople rather than another CRM inflicted upon them. We wanted to build a tool for salespeople to enhance their productivity in the business process that is sales. We wanted to make it as simple as possible so that they don’t hate using it, and then help them remember their tasks and guide their clients through a sales process by using repeatability and automation. You can do everything in the system in three clicks or less.

We have this crazy idea that salespeople are business people like any other and need a tool that suits their needs.

In our view, CRM productivity is ultimately about remembering follow-ups, cold calls, and paperwork and then, most importantly, maximizing the time spent with the prospective client instead of typing notes into a system.

In Evolved Metrics CRM, activities are the driving force for everything that salespeople do. Phone calls, emails, meetings, zoom calls, webinars, whatever their regular prospecting and engagement activities. We have users set up their activities.

Next up, we have users set up their processes. They define what the process is that they guide a customer through to get them to pay for the good or service that they’re selling. We do it by turning the sales process into a series of yes or no questions. As the salesperson completes activities related to a certain client or opportunity, they answer the yes-no questions and the process moves forward. The system then prompts them to remind themselves of when they have to do the next activity, we call those follow-ups (I know, we’re very inventive.)

The above two paragraphs are literally our entire product. It’s as simple as that.

The rest is about unlocking the productivity that this simplicity allows. That’s where design comes in. The side panel can be popped-out to offer a timeline view (which activities are late, due today, or in the future.) Every time an activity is created, the user is automatically prompted to schedule the next follow-up.

Evolved Metrics CRM is focused on the salesperson and their work. Work in Evolved Metrics CRM is centred on activities. Users register activities in EM-CRM and it can be set to trigger just about any other application through integrations.

Salespeople focused CRM.

That’s it.

Spend less time updating CRM and more time selling with this simple-to-use tool.

Zapier connection and setup are easy. We recorded a video to help our clients do it [watch it here.]

The best way to maximize your sales productivity though isn’t really using a CRM. Here are two big tips.

First, block your time. Schedule time for your activities either in one big bucket or separate ones (like calls, emails, LinkedIn, etc.) You can separate your tasks into batches based on similarity. For example, any meeting follow-ups go together, paperwork and administrative work should all go together, and CRM work should go together.

Second, schedule your least enjoyed tasks for earlier in the day. When I did sales, I hated cold-calling (I hear that there are some salespeople the still like them.) I scheduled them, as often as I could, in the mornings a couple of days a week. Sometimes it’s just important to do cold calls later in the day, but since I just don’t enjoy doing cold calls, whenever I could I booked them in the morning. Do what you like the least first in order to get it done. It’s not always possible, but when it is – do it. You’ll be surprised how much easier and better your day feels and how high your energy level stays longer into the day.

Productivity is talked about a lot when it comes to developers and managers, marketers and accountants, CEOs and entrepreneurs. Salespeople are business people too. We have not spent nearly enough time thinking about sales productivity. Evolved Metrics CRM wants to change that forever by simplifying CRM usage and emphasizing processes and activities.

How Evolved Metrics CRM can help your Company Grow

The goal of Evolved Metrics CRM is that all users never have to use more than 3 clicks to do anything in the system. You and your team will have an easier time putting data in, this means it will happen more often and that means a higher number of potential leads become actual customers.

Evolved Metrics is the three-click CRM.

Sell more by letting salespeople focus their time on customer activities rather than digital paperwork.

Track opportunities, contacts, proposals, and activities, plus integrate with thousands of other software products.

With Evolved Metrics, you can do anything CRM in three clicks or less.

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